Petr Šimečka, Business Advisor & DPO

”I have over 20 years of technical and managerial experience in various IT areas. After several years spent as a programmer and system administrator for Unix and Oracle databases I founded the Oracle Czech Support department in 1994. After several years of focussing on provision of support services for Czech customers, I managed the incorporation (within the framework of support globalization) of the Czech support team to the global support framework for Oracle. The Advanced Services, providing expertise for Czech corporate customers was established at the same time. Since 2002, I built up the OnDemand Outsourcing centre for Oracle Czech, which in 2007 had over 50 professionals providing comprehensive management services for Oracle databases and Oracle E-Business Suite around the world. In 2008, together with colleagues from the European Oracle Outsourcing Centre, we established the European subsidiary for the Pythian Group worked in the role of Managing Director and Vice President of Pythan Europe.”