• Extend IT has been founded by people who share similar views on the future of IT technologies. We deeply believe and understand that one of the ways out of the current global crises (social, economic, environmental and energetic) leads to a deep transformation of the enormous innovative potential of people around the world. The IT industry has been a leader in the innovation and transformation of business more than in other areas. Because of these new trends, corporate IT systems have opened up to new technologies like cloud computing, virtualization and mobile applications. These opportunities are attractive, but potential risks need to be balanced. Information, accessibility and security are not the only keys to success, but in our increasingly competitive market are also the keys to survival. We offer our experience and capabilities to companies that join us upon this path.
  • Extend IT has evolved from the Pythian Europe, that developed the European market from May 2008 for the Pythian Group, providing customers with expert services and remote database administration, including 24/7 monitoring for Oracle and Microsoft and MySQL . We have also transformed our customers IT infrastructure to new technologies like virtual environments and Could Computing. These valuable experiences are now utilized to help customers particularly in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Extend IT continues to operate as an exclusive partner for the Pythian Group covering 24/7 database management services.
  • Expert team of Extend IT is composed mainly of experts in Oracle and Microsoft products and has extensive experience in managing and supporting IT systems. The whole team has an international experience gained in previous jobs.
  • Our company offers also a guarantee: insurance of liability for damage with limitation over 400 thousands of Euros and to property taken bility insurance of liability for damage to properties taken with limit about 10 thousands Euro. For large scale projects we are ready to flexibly adjust the limits as necessary.
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