”After graduating at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (Process engineering and IT specialization) in 2002, I joined the OnDemand Outsourcing centre of the Oracle Czech as system engineer/database administrator, where I passed exams for ITIL Foundations certification, Oracle Certified Professional/OCP certification for Database 10g, Applications 11i and Oracle Certified Associate/OCA for iAS application server 10g. At the same time I was teaching IT and database subjects at the faculty and later obtained my Ph.D. degree in field of Technical cybernetics. From 2005, I led the international teams in area of Change & Release Management responsible for the implementation of configuration changes and upgrades to Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite for Oracle worldwide customers. In 2008, I became one of the co-founders of Pythian Europe (branch of Canadian company Pythian Group) and I have worked here in the role of Service Delivery/Account Manager for European and Czech customers and with expert knowledge contributed not only to service delivery, but also to sales of the services.”
”I have over 20 years of technical and managerial experience in various IT areas. After several years spent as a programmer and system administrator for Unix and Oracle databases I founded the Oracle Czech Support department in 1994. After several years of focussing on provision of support services for Czech customers, I managed the incorporation (within the framework of support globalization) of the Czech support team to the global support framework for Oracle. The Advanced Services, providing expertise for Czech corporate customers was established at the same time. Since 2002, I built up the OnDemand Outsourcing centre for Oracle Czech, which in 2007 had over 50 professionals providing comprehensive management services for Oracle databases and Oracle E-Business Suite around the world. In 2008, together with colleagues from the European Oracle Outsourcing Centre, we established the European subsidiary for the Pythian Group worked in the role of Managing Director and Vice President of Pythan Europe.”
I am a Perl programmer with specialization in Natural Language Processing. I am finishing PhD. study in the field of "Mathematical linguistics" in the present. In the past, I have worked in PetaMem s.r.o. company as a developer of applications designed for statistical processing of text. I have also taught a course of corpus linguistics and have co-worked on several research projects of Charles University.
”Pragmatic, highly adaptable Oracle database & middle-ware specialist (Oracle ACE, OCP, OCE, Oracle approved instructor) who has the ability to work under pressure and in confidence with colleagues, superiors and customers alike. I excel at all aspects of Oracle 8i and higher, having dedicated years to learning architecture, utilities and languages. I am familiar with Oracle Fusion middle-ware and Oracle E-Business suite. With over 15 years experience I am good at analyzing critical issues, challenges and priorities, resolving them in an efficient and resourceful manner through the use of my good communication and extensive experience as remote DBA. Author of book: „Oracle 11g – Hotová řešení“ (Oracle 11g in examples, publication in Czech language)."