Artesa, spořitelní družstvo

Artesa Savings Cooperative ranks among the unions with the longest history on the Czech market. Our first successful project was complex implementation of Oracle Database Appliance hardware, Oracle RAC on Oracle ASM, Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Grid and DR solution. Another project was to deploy two OTRS system, one for credit process and secondary instance of OTRS for internal requirest management between departments. Miroslav Rudolf, IT Manager: "For years in IT, I went to the experience that the crucial part of the success is the choice of a partner with experience and enthusiasm. After the evaluation factors (of course the price, experience, integrity) won the joint bid Tomas Solar and Jan Polnického. The delivery was made ON TIME with a deep understanding of the system and covering also the activities, which we expect from other vendors. I appreciate Tomas and Jan for organizing the whole supply and delivery. Today we still work together according to the service contract which continues. "